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The Looped Intuitive

A holistic approach to healing

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What is Bodytalk?

Bodytalk is a safe and effective healing energy modality that is personalized to you.  All aspects of you ~ Mind, Body and Spirit. Your body has its own unique story, and a language of its own. Bodytalk incorporates Chinese, Ayervedic and energy medicine together, to translate your body's needs and address issues at its root. 


Because your body is an amazing energetic instrument, it innately knows how to function and heal, without us having to ask or think about it. When we exhibit symptoms of any kind, it's our body's way of communicating that something is out of alignment. Stressors (physical, environmental etc), life experiences, belief systems, emotions, all play a factor in how our energy flows, and directly influences the body.

Bodytalk supports the whole bodymind, as well as its natural healing response by re-establishing communication in the body, and synchronizing its function to bring your body into a state of balance and ease.

* Sessions can be done online, in person, or distantly (recorded and sent to you).

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Bodytalk can typically improve some of the following conditions:

* Allergies

* Headaches/Migraines

* Back pain

* Pre-natal Care

* Insomnia

* Emotional Disturbances

* Stress/Anxiety

* Depression

* Sports Performance

* Fibromyalgia

* Chronic Fatigue

* Arthritis

* Digestive Disorders

* Viruses/Infections

* Recovery after injury/trauma/surgery

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient energy modality that incorporates therapeutic touch on or above the body. Reiki is beneficial in shifting stagnant energy within the body, to help the body speed up healing, reduce inflammation and bring the body back into a state of ease. 

 What is Access Concioussness (Bars)?

Access concioussness (or running your bars) is a healing modality that helps to bring more balance and clarity into the body. The focus is solely on the head region, with different points of contact throughout the duration of the session. 

What is the Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage?

Your lymphatic system is a very important system that helps our bodies to remove waste and toxins. Lymph is a slower moving fluid, which goes only in one direction. Lymphatic drainage helps to keep this fluid flowing so the body can release that waste. By moving this, it helps support the immune system, helps increase your energy levels, decreases swelling in the body, helps aid with weight loss, decreases joint pain, regulates bowel movements, helps relieve sinus/allergy congestion, and detoxifies any harmful substances in the body. 

Tarot/Oracle Card Reading

Tarot has existed for thousands of years and is used as a tool for universal guidance. There are many different spreads available, depending on the guidance you are looking for.

* NOTE: Tarot sessions are voice recorded and sent to you.

Here are some Tarot spreads offered:

* Past, present future spread
* Celtic cross
* Past life 
* Relationship
* Mandala 
* Birthday
* Tree of Life
* Astrological